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2623_halloween_40 fenwick drive (house)_3.png streetview_2623_18.jpg

40 Fenwick Drive (house) Halloween (2018)

Lauri shoots her gun at the masked figure who's standing on the first floor of the house behind the window.


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2603_halloween_military magnet academy - courtyard_1.png streetview_2603_18.jpg

Military Magnet Academy - Courtyard Halloween (2018)

The presentation of Michael Myers’ mask at the mental institution where Myers is being detained. 'Hello Michael, I have something you might like to see...'


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2600_it_james street_1.png streetview_2600_18.jpg

James Street It (2017)

** spoiler alert ** Pennywise uses the well under the abandoned house at 29 Neibolt Street to wander the sewers under Derry.


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2542_world war z_fort st elmo_4.png streetview_2542_18.jpg

Fort St Elmo World War Z (2013)

Gerry Lane sees how the zombies ignore a kid standing in the middle of the road while they are attacking everyone else.


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2533_interview with the vampire_oak alley plantation_5.png streetview_2533_18.jpg

Oak Alley Plantation Interview with the Vampire (1994)

** spoiler alert ** Louis sets his house on fire after admitting to his slaves that their master is indeed the devil.


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2625_texas chain saw massacre_bagdad cemetery_1.png streetview_2625_18.jpg

Bagdad Cemetery The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

The film opening with the discovery at a cemetery.


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2631_scream_sonoma community center_1.png streetview_2631_18.jpg

Sonoma Community Center Scream (1996)

Sidney runs through the school after a skirmish with Ghostface.


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694_01_TheShining_TheTimberlineLodge_01.png streetview_1836_18.jpg

The Timberline Lodge The Shining (1980)

The hotel where Jack Torrance and his family stay to keep an eye on the place but where Jack goes crazy.


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9740_10_Hannibal_PalazzoVecchio_01.png streetview_121_18.jpg

Palazzo Vecchio Hannibal (2001)

** spoiler alert ** Hannibal Lecter kills Inspector Pazzi and throws him of the balcony at Palazzo Vecchio.


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2616_halloween_1019 montrose avenue (hedge)_1.png streetview_2616_18.jpg

1019 Montrose Avenue (hedge) Halloween (1978)

Michael Myers peers out from behind a hedge as Laurie and Annie approach.