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Iron Bridge The Judge (2014)

Hank is being yelled at by a guy from a car. He yells back:’ Right here! I am from here!’

Henry Burton
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Bibb Grave Bridge Big Fish (2003)

Ed Bloom and Karl the giant leave town.

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River Irwell Footbridge Years and Years (2019 - 2019)

** spoiler alert ** Stephen calls his brother and sisters to tell them their father died.

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Victoria Embankment - Golden Jubilee Bridges Love Sarah (2020)

Sarah is on her way to her meeting with Isabella.

Diana Murphy
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Anderson Bridge Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Michael leaves the car after an argument with Astrid.

Diana Murphy
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4137_michael clayton_moodna viaduct - 300 otterkill road_1.jpeg

Moodna Viaduct - 300 Otterkill Road Michael Clayton (2007)

** spoiler alert ** Michael Clayton is watching the horses when suddenly his cars explodes.

Milo Nilsson
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4133_the half of it_moodna viaduct - 260 otterkill road_0.jpeg

Moodna Viaduct - 260 Otterkill Road The Half of It (2020)

Ellie and Paul work out their plan to make sure the date with Aster works out fine.

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Pont de Bir-Hakeim Anna (2019)

Anna makes an important telephone call.

Mad Max


John Doe
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Howrah Bridge Lion (2016)

Saroo watches people washing in the river.