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6471_westworld_mike o'callaghan - pat tillman memorial bridge_0.jpg streetview_6471_18.jpg


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6444_puppet on a chain_bridge reguliersgracht_2.jpg streetview_6444_18.jpg

Bridge Reguliersgracht Puppet on a Chain (1970)

Sherman is chasing Meegren and has to a stunt with his boat to prevent a crash with another boat.


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© United Artists, FGM Entertainment
6434_ronin_pont alexandre-iii_0.png streetview_6434_18.jpg

Pont Alexandre-III Ronin (1998)

The crew is ambushed and escapes in a car from a passageway under the bridge.


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© Universal Pictures, Stanley Donen Films
6431_charade_the pont au double - seine_3.jpg streetview_6431_18.jpg

The Pont au Double - Seine Charade (1963)

Regina tells Peter she’s afraid she will be killed.


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6427_amelie_pont des arts_2.png streetview_6427_18.jpg

Pont des Arts Amélie (2001)

Amélie walks down the Pont des Arts


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6391_shazam! fury of the gods_benjamin franklin bridge_0.jpg streetview_6391_18.jpg


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6385_press play_kamehameha highway bridge - laniakea beach_0.jpg streetview_6385_18.jpg

Kamehameha Highway Bridge - Laniakea Beach Press Play (2022)

Laura and Harrison paint the mural under the bridge.


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© Medusa Film, Lotus Production
6376_supereroi_nyhavn_0.png streetview_6376_18.jpg

Nyhavn Superheroes (2021)

There is no description of this scene yet.


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6352_big little lies_bixby creek bridge_1.jpg streetview_6352_18.jpg


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6478_taken_pont des arts_2.png streetview_6478_18.jpg

Pont des Arts Taken (2008)

Bryan springs from the bridge on a ship his daughter is on.


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© HT Film
6298_love _ gelato_ponte sant'angelo_0.jpg streetview_6298_18.jpg

Ponte Sant'Angelo Love & Gelato (2022)

Lina reads about the padlock in her mother's diary.


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6294_love _ gelato_ponte vecchio_1.jpg streetview_6294_18.jpg

Ponte Vecchio Love & Gelato (2022)

Lorenzo shows Lina around Florence.