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Seven Mile Bridge True Lies (1994)

Harry is on his way to save his wife Helen who desperately tries to escape the runaway limousine.

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The Archway Under Manhattan Bridge Men in Black: International (2019)

Agent M has a strange experience she can not understand.

Mad Max
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3312_indiana jones and the temple of doom_victoria dam observation center - mahaweli river_2.jpg

Victoria Dam Observation Center - Mahaweli River Indiana Jones and the Temple of... (1984)

Indy threatens to drop the precious cargo and if that does not work, he decides to cut the rope.

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Cane Haul Road Triple Frontier (2019)

The team passes the Brazilian border.

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3440_the holiday_rectory ln (bridge)_1.png

Rectory Ln (Bridge) The Holiday (2006)

Amanda runs back to Iris' house over the snowy bridge.

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Bridge of Sighs Red Joan (2019)

Joan and Leo are in love.

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City of Arts and Science Tomorrowland (2015)

Casey arrives at Tomorrowland.

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The Bastion Bridge The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

** spoiler alert ** Zero marries Agatha.



John Doe
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John W. Weeks Bridge The Social Network (2010)

Divya is on his way to Cameron and Tyle Winklevoss to tell them that Mark Zuckerberg is deceiving them.

Ethan Hunt