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5775_spencer_tower bridge road_0.jpg streetview_5775_18.jpg

Tower Bridge Road Spencer (2021)

Diana and her sons enjoy their KFC on a bench near the River Thames.


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5765_emily in paris_pont des arts_1.png streetview_5765_18.jpg

Pont des Arts Emily in Paris (2020 - 2021)

Emily and Julien enjoy the performance.


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5763_emily in paris_pont neuf_1.png streetview_5763_18.jpg


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5744_dog_bixby creek bridge_0.jpg streetview_5744_18.jpg

Bixby Creek Bridge Dog (2022)

Briggs and Lulu and on their way


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5690_ambulance_los angeles river_0.jpg streetview_5690_18.jpg

Los Angeles River Ambulance (2022)

The ambulance is being chased by police helicopters.


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5687_sex education_tintern - wireworks bridge_0.png streetview_5687_18.jpg


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5684_sex education_wireworks bridge_0.png streetview_5684_18.jpg


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5643_pride_westminster bridge_0.JPG streetview_5643_18.jpg

Westminster Bridge Pride (2014)

The gay activists and the mineworkers march together.


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No Time to Die copyright Eon Prod MGM UA Universal 35.jpg streetview_5586_18.jpg

The Atlantic Road No Time to Die (2021)

Bond thinks he is safe but the bad guys are on to him...


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5584_red notice_st. angelo bridge_0.jpg streetview_5584_18.jpg

St. Angelo Bridge Red Notice (2021)

Interpol is on its way to Castel Sant'Angelo because they think the egg of Cleopatra is about the be stolen.


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5553_spider-man_ no way home_queensboro bridge_1.jpg streetview_5553_18.jpg

Queensboro Bridge Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Spider-Man and MJ are on top of the Queensboro Bridge hunted by the police.


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